You Select. We deliver.

Want to experience your own personal grocery store? Now you can! It's simple. One click request and MunchieBus mobile convenience will be at your location. Have a party or special event? You can request the mobile store in advance.

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Shop on wheels

MunchieBus gives you the unique opportunity to shop everyday grocery at your home, work, or on the move.

We bring the store directly to you.


Door to door delivery

Our focus is to give our customer the best and as comfortable experience as possible. To achieve that, we introduced the deliver to door option. You just have to select what items you want and tell us where to deliver and we will deliver at your door.


Access to all the grocery Items at your fingertips

Use munchiebus to access a large range of grocery items to shop from while having the benefit of saving time and hassle of going to a supermarket and saving your time.


Our Work Process

Our process is quite simple. Users simply send a request using our state of the art app. Our professional driver arrives at your location. You can shop onboard or select specific items and driver brings directly to your door.

Send request

Send request to the driver for the delivery of items.

Choose Delivery type

Select the delivery process.

Place Order

Buy grocery items listed in the application.

Track driver

See how far your driver is from your location and the estimated arrival time.

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